Friday, January 26, 2007

Dept. of Weekend (Three Thumbs Up)

Big poetry weekend: Kasey and Craig Wright up from Ashland on Saturday to read at the Hawthorne Powell’s; Sunday, Linda Russo on her West Coast barnstorm with Joel Bettridge at Spare Room. Joel moved to Portland a month before I did and is helping me feel less new, & curiouser about Ronald Johnson.

If I could split myself in two and had one of those pixilating Star Trek transporters, I’d also make the Neo-Benshi Night of SPT’s annual Poets Theater, curated by San Francisco cineaste Konrad Steiner. That's tonight, so I guess I just need the transporter.


Alli Warren said...

update! update! all of konrad's hair is gone! vanished! over & out.

Gary said...

Reading report! Reading report! Reading report!