Wednesday, December 05, 2007

King Nine Will Not Return

How good and uncannily right it was to have Susana "Dusie" Gardner and her winning Dusette in Portland last month. It already seems like a dream, but like in that Twilight Zone where the pilot pours sand from his shoe at the end, proving the desert was real, I've got Susana's beautiful new palm-sized foldout chapbook, EBB (PORT)—a series of poems made from erasures of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets from the Portuguese—as evidence.


DUSIE said...

How wonderful it was to finally meet you, your tall (and beautiful!) wife and lovely sweet son. . .alas, our departure seems to have given wave to even more rain! we love it there...we do. perhaps we can all organize a swiss conference of small books or some such other gathering where those teachers amongst us can get some travel funds to come!? you all have such a great scene out there, and your reading was such an added bonus to my jaunt westward...poetics, performance, theatrics! ja!

rodney k said...

Susana! Come back!