Tuesday, April 22, 2008


With announcements out and seats likely to fill fast, thought I'd pull up from the sidebar THE NEW TALKIES: A PORTLAND-SAN FRANCISCO NEO-BENSHI CABARET. This is the same New Talkies that's been smooshing film and poetry folk into shared space-time continuua in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Saturday, May 3 @ 7 PM will be its Portland premiere.

Due to limited seating, Spare Room's doing tickets via reservation only. If you'd like to come, just shoot an email to passages [at] rdrop [dot] com for tickets and venue details.
Spare Room and kino21 present:

SATURDAY, MAY 3 @ 7 PM, $10 ($5 students)

Email passages [at] rdrop [dot] com to reserve tickets and for venue details.

Inspired by the film-tellers, or benshi, of the silent era in Japan, neo-benshi invites contemporary artists to turn off the sound and perform their own scripts to brief scenes from films of their choosing. Previous installments of The New Talkies have brought together diverse audiences of poetry, performance, and film fans in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Performers include Portland-based writers and artists
David Abel & Leo Daedalus, Maryrose Larkin & Eric Matchett, Kaia Sand, and Rodney Koeneke, joined by Bay Area poets and performers David Larsen, Mac McGinnes, Cynthia Sailers, and kino21’s Konrad Steiner.

For more information, visit the Spare Room web site at www.flim.com/spareroom and kino21 at www.kino21.org.


konrad said...

I might mention that there are 6 WORLD PREMIERE pieces on this show.

konrad said...

oops, make that 5, since Poppins is going to be in NEW YORK this week at the flar fest.

"Break a tooth" as they used to say!

Johannes said...

Did you tape any of these performances?

rodney k said...

Hi Johannes,

I think Konrad will probably tape these. More soon ...