Friday, June 20, 2008

Acquired in Orono

Patrick Durgin and Jen Hofer, The Route (Atelos, 2008)*

Benjamin Friedlander Drastic Measures, An Anachronism (porci con le ali, 2008)

Rob Halpern
, Imaginary Politics (A Tap Root Edition, 2008)*

Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy, editors Mirage #4/Period(ical) #149 (special travel-sized edition) featuring work by Jared Hayes, John Sakkis, Elizabeth Terrazas

Bern Porter, Sounds That Arouse Me: Selected Writings (Tilbury House, 1992)

Carl Rakosi, The Collected Poems of Carl Rakosi (National Poetry Foundation, 1986)

Lev Rubinstein, Catalogue of Comedic Novelties: An Evening with Lev Rubinstein, translations by Philip Metres (poems and program notes for November 5, 2007 event at John Carroll University)

James Schevill, Where to Go, What to Do, When You Are Bern Porter: A Personal Biography (Tilbury House, 1992)

Nils Ya, An Awkward Alphabet (Slack Buddha Press, 2008)

SPOTTED & CRAVED: Ronald Johnson: Life and Works Joel Bettridge and Eric Selinger, editors (National Poetry Foundation, 2008)*

*So new the book still smells good.

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Maurice Burford said...

too many good books.

give me some