Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Alphabet for Orono (Part 1)

Rae ARMANTROUT poem made of “The Happening” trailer shown at “Iron Man”

Stephen BURT imagining star Radcliffe undergrad Hannah Weiner attending I.A. Richards's lectures

Joshua CLOVER maintaining dignity in a lobster bib

Patrick DURGIN thanked, thanked, and thanked for Hannah Weiner's Open House

Steve EVANS as scoutmaster, “fixer,” human PA system, time dervish, and non-corporate dream compere, in black up to the eyewear through Maine summer heat, no sweat.

“FOUNDS” of Bern Porter as made to sing by K. Silem Mohammad

Merrill GILFILLAN at work at the Doggy Dog Diner in SF, shirt labeled “Gil” (as Grand Piano’d by Kit Robinson)

Rob HALPERN putting “China” back in Soup.

IS that Santa’s brain I see there in your ashtray?” (Clark Coolidge)

JOLT of hearing Eileen Myles wormhole from “analog” ‘70s to “digital” neo-benshi

Kevin KILLIAN not taking a single note (legendary reports all from legendary memory.)

Ann LAUTERBACH drawing poems from mouth with aid of just one hand

MYRA BRECKINRIDGE revealed as Rosetta Stone of postwar American poetry by Kevin “Memory Kid” Killian


Kasey Mohammad said...

Actually, it was the trailer for The Happening that was shown at Iron Man. But hell yes.

rodney k said...

Hi Kasey,

I'm geeky/Stalinst enough to correct this. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Stalin the geek is an interesting concept....

mongibeddu said...

I thought there were two poems based on movie trailers, and one was definitely Iron Man. BF

rodney k said...

Lordy. This is how whole decades get misremembered!

Kasey Mohammad said...

It was one poem in two parts. The first part was about Iron Man, and the second part was about The Happening. She wrote it after going to a screening of Iron Man, at which the trailer for The Happening was shown. I asked her about it afterward, because I had also seen the trailer for The Happening at a screening of Iron Man, and she confirmed it for me.

rodney k said...

O.K., but what is "deen"? :)

mongibeddu said...

OK, yeah, and the first part was about Iron Man.

Poetry war! Poetry war!