Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dan Raphael & Rodney Koeneke at Powell's, Thursday 1/15

I’ll be reading with Portland legend (and Bill Keckler fave) Dan Raphael this Thursday at Powell’s on Hawthorne at 7:30 PM. Dan celebrates the reissue of his Bop Grit Storm Café; I’ll be reading from Rules for Drinking Forties, forthcoming this spring from Cy Press.


William Keckler said...


My best wishes for a great night for you both, Rodney and Dan!

Ask Dan to send me a slew of poems I can put up at the ole blog, if he feels so inclined sometime...

I can always use le merveilleux any day of the week.


mark wallace said...

I've never met Dan but have always wanted to. He was holding down the fort in Portland poetry long before the city's current and vibrant experimental scene.

Anonymous said...

"Minute by minute I am getting happier, and if I start to get foul-mouthed, it's only because I'm happy". Break a leg tonight, I'll be watching!