Friday, January 16, 2009

A Day in the Lice

Hi ________,

Today we got notice that someone in our child
s class “might have” Fifth Disease. I’ve never heard of Fifth Disease, which is kind of scary. Head lice? Unpleasant. Viral infection which often affects red blood cells? Scary.

What I’d like to ask is that you please notify us just as soon as it’s been determined whether or not the student in question has this disease. The note we received gives a number of symptoms to watch for, including vague signs of illness or no symptoms at all. Which means not only do we not know if our sons been exposed to a disease we dont know about, but he may not show symptoms of the disease we dont know about that we dont know whether or not hes been exposed to. Help!

Id be grateful if you could let us know one way or the other about the students diagnosis when the news comes in. In the meantime, fingers crossed that the Great Head Lice Infestation of 2008 is behind us!


DUSIE said...

Posts such as this, well the inspiration behind the post really, Leslie, yr lady, even though now it has all been edited away, the greatness of the suggestion, the impetus! ...well, all I want to confirm is she is a definite rad keeper!

Anonymous said...

Auden's new t-shirt reads:
"I survived the Great Head Lice Infestation of 2008"

DUSIE said...

wow!!! stella and i are so envious!!! only in Oregon!!! so far we have been lucky enough to avoid the lices:)

Sandra Simonds said...

Is this what I have to look forward to??

Wade said...

Reminds me of the symptoms of exposure to the "airborne toxic event" in White Noise.

rodney k said...

"Reminds me of the symptoms of exposure to the "airborne toxic event" in White Noise."

O yeah! And now that's a band name, so clunky that I might just be able to get away with my favorite imaginary lit-allusive band name: "Disney Against the Metaphysicals." (EP, Canto CXVI)